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What Our Patients Say!

Charles Mitchell

The staff at Health Facilities Rehab are very professional. Scott is very knowledgeable and helps his patients to recover faster. I would highly recommend their services. If I need rehabilitation again, I would choose Health Facilities Rehab.

Karen E Burch Henzi

I just work with the best crew. Highly skilled, professional , ethical and so much fun!

Marlene Burgess

Great staff and facilities , everyone is professional and courteous. I highly recommend it.

Megan Noe Hampton

Danny and I love working out at Health Facilities!

Karen Yates Cooper

They are professional and their services have helped me soooooo much every time I have needed their services. Several injuries and surgeries have sent me to them. The therapy pool is great, especially for those with weight issues and other health problems where the water subtracts pounds.

Dale Bowen

As a patient,these people are professional. They keep the workout stations clean. Very friendly,and courteous staff. Military discounts,check them out,I recommend them highly.