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What is Cageball?

An indoor batting cage game for Baseball and Softball players of all ages.

How is Cageball Played?

Cageball is played with a team of 3 or 4 Baseball or Softball players. Each game consists of 2-6 inning games with 3 outs per inning for each. Every time a pitch is swung at, an out or run is scored. Runs are scored or outs are made depending upon the location that each ball is hit into the batting cage net. Pitches are thrown by a staff member who is located behind an L-screen. This staff member will also be the scorekeeper for each game. The team that is ahead at the end of 6 innings is the winner.

Why Play Cageball?

To sharpen hitting skills in the winter months in a competitive environment.

Where is Cageball Played?

Cageball is played at Double Play in Sikeston, MO. The address is 4 North Interstate Drive. (Formerly the Double Nickel)